Monday, June 26, 2017

The curse

A terrible ray of light crawled into my room. 
A terrible ray of light fell upon my eyelids, chasing away my light sleep. 
All of my shadows that were gathering right behind my eyes, were scattered.
Shadows dressed like a veil the world around me in order to numb my pain.
The pain seems more manageable during the night;
for the sun exposes us to a beauty we cannot attain. 
These shadows I learned to adore and in their walls I got used to abide. 
I wasn't afraid of what they may hide inside. 
By the time I had become 18 I learned that demons wear human faces. 
So I wasn't afraid of those flickering, trembling lights. 
Besides I myself was a misguided ghost. 
I was dwelling between my dreams and reality.
Even this small attachment to the real world destroyed me. 
Like I was made of wax, my feathers of hope melted. 
Another silent tragedy.
Another one trying to break away from the chains of "must".
Oh, how I wish I would grab this word from t 
and skin it till the m. 
How I wish the dawn would never come one day. 
How I wish the night would extend so far to let me dream more and more. 
Yet like all the dreamers I have this curse;
to see the dawn before no one else.
My tremendous, horrible curse.
Now I need to go. 
There is no poetry if you can't survive it. 
I need to go and close these curtains. 
I can't stand this ugly light...